*** Dream Events USA is your personal concierge, to guide you as you Return to LIVE Events ***

Why purchase through Dream Events USA, you ask?   
  • -- Our #1 Priority at Dream Events USA is to get you the Best Available Seats at the Least Expensive Prices for any event Nationwide (and we will save you $ compared to our Competitors).
  • -- We will make recommendations in our emailed quotes to you, (as well as include a seating chart and information on the different 'Rows/Seat #'s', and we will give our advice as to what we feel are the 'Best Values' to choose from.
  • -- Ticketing to pretty much every event these days is 'MOBILE ENTRY'. We will email you an easy Template that guides you through the steps of doing this (as well as which APP's you may need to download on your phone, and we are available 24/7 via 'email/text/phone call' to help guide you through the process and to answer any questions you may have.  We can also 'customize each LINK containing the tickets', to streamline the process for your clients/family/friends (e.g. -- we can split up the LINKS... and individually, or in smaller groups, send the tickets to different people), based on how people will be arriving to the event, whether together or separately.
  • -- In our emailed quotes to you, we will guide you through all of the COVID-19 protocols that each team/venue 'currently' has in place, and we are constantly up to date as things are continuing to change for the better.
  • -- We can provide you tickets to every Ticketed event across the USA.
  • -- We do NOT charge any Hidden Fees (we are fully transparent in our pricing).
  • -- We appreciate your business, and will always do what is in the best interests of our clients. 
Ticket Policy:
  • -- If an event is "Cancelled", you will receive a 100% REFUND (or can choose to hold the money as a 'future credit' towards a purchase with us). 
  • -- If an event is "Postponed" or "Rescheduled", then your tickets will be Valid for the 'rescheduled date'.

COVID Protocols surrounding many events:   
  • -- For people who are 'Fully Vaccinated', you can simply attend an event by showing your Proof of Vaccination.
  • -- For people who are NOT 'Fully Vaccinated', based on the specific event, you might have to Provide proof of a PCR or Rapid Antigen COVID-19 test with negative results to gain entry, but many of the 'outdoor events' are not requiring this anymore.  Anyone who is not 'fully vaccinated' will not be allowed to 'sit in a Fully Vaccinated section', unless they are under the age of 16 and are sitting with a Vaccinated adult.

Inquire About an Event Today!


To reach out with a request, email us at info@dreameventsusa.com, or call us at 212-575-7730 with the event name, date, and number of tickets, and we can customize a quote for you.