A List of Upcoming CONCERTS taking place... in the tri-state area (November, 2019 through June, 2020) 

Bob Dylan
Sat., Nov. 23rd @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Sun., Nov. 24th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Tues., Nov. 26th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Wed., Nov. 27th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Fri., Nov. 29th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Sat., Nov. 30th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Mon., Dec. 2nd @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Tues., Dec 3rd @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Thurs., Dec. 5th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Fri., Dec. 6th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)

Sun, Dec. 1st @ 7:30pm (NYCB Live in Long Island) 
Sat, Dec. 28th @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC)   
Sun, Dec. 29th @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC)  
Mon, Dec. 30th @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC) 
Tues, Dec. 31st @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC)  

Tues, Dec. 3rd @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 
Wed, Dec. 4th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC)

Billy Joel 
Wed., Dec. 11th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 
Sat., Jan. 25th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 
Thurs., Feb. 20th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 

Jingle Ball
{Featuring... Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Camila Cabello & More}
Fri., Dec. 13th @ 7:00pm (MSG in NYC) 

Mariah Carey 
Sun., Dec. 15th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 

Andrea Bocelli
Wed, Dec. 18th @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC)   
Thurs, Dec. 19th @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC)  

The Strokes
Tues., Dec. 31st @ 8:30pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY)  

Fri., Jan. 10th @ 7:00pm (Prudential Center in Newark, NJ)

Chance the Rapper (rescheduled from 10/8/19)
Sat, Feb. 8th @ 7:00pm (MSG in NYC)  

The Lumineers
Thurs., Feb. 13th @ 7:00pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY)  
Fri., Feb. 14th @ 7:00pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY)  

Fri, Feb. 14th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 
Tues, Feb. 15th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 
Tues, Feb. 18th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 

Widespread Panic
Thurs., Feb. 27th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Fri., Feb 28th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Sat., Feb 29th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Sun., March 1st @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Mon., March 2nd @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)

?Celine Dion
Fri., Feb. 28th, 2020 @ 7:30pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY)
Sat., Feb. 29th, 2020 @ 7:30pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY)
Tues, March 3rd, 2020 @ 7:30pm (NYCB Live in Long Island) 
Sat., March 7th @ 7:30pm (Prudential Center in Newark, NJ)
Sun., March 8th @ 7:30pm (Prudential Center in Newark, NJ)

Billie Eilish
Sun, March 15th @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC) 
Mon., March 16th @ 7:30pm (Prudential Center in Newark, NJ)
Fri., March 20th @ 7:30pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY) 

Elton John
Mon, April 6th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 
Tues, April 7th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 
Fri., April 10th @ 8:00pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY)  
Sat., April 11th @ 8:00pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY)  
Wed., April 15th @ 8:00pm (Prudential Center in Newark, NJ)
Fri, April 17th @ 8:00pm (NYCB Live in Long Island) 
Sat, April 18th @ 8:00pm (NYCB Live in Long Island) 

Ringo Starr
Tues., June 2nd @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Wed., June 3rd @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Fri., June 5th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)

Ozzy Osbourne (rescheduled from 6/11/19)
Mon, June 22nd @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC)  

Lauren Daigle w/ Johnnyswim
Thurs, June 25th @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC)  


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