Dream Events USA can provide tickets to see any artist or band Worldwide. The list below is only an example. Please contact us to find tickets for your dream event today.

Bob Dylan
Sat., Nov. 23rd @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Sun., Nov. 24th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Tues., Nov. 26th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Wed., Nov. 27th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Fri., Nov. 29th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Sat., Nov. 30th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Mon., Dec. 2nd @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Tues., Dec 3rd @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Thurs., Dec. 5th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Fri., Dec. 6th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)

Sun, Dec. 1st @ 7:30pm (NYCB Live in Long Island) 
Sat, Dec. 28th @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC)  
Sun, Dec. 29th @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC)  
Mon, Dec. 30th @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC) 
Tues, Dec. 31st @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC)  

Tues, Dec. 3rd @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 
Wed, Dec. 4th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 

Billy Joel 
Wed., Dec. 11th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 
Sat., Jan. 25th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 
Thurs., Feb. 20th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 

Jingle Ball
{Featuring... Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Camila Cabello & More}
Fri., Dec. 13th @ 7:00pm (MSG in NYC) 

Mariah Carey 
Sun., Dec. 15th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC)

Andrea Bocelli
Wed, Dec. 18th @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC)  
Thurs, Dec. 19th @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC)  

The Strokes
Tues., Dec. 31st @ 8:30pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY)  

Fri., Jan. 10th @ 7:00pm (Prudential Center in Newark, NJ)

Chance the Rapper (rescheduled from 10/8/19)
Sat, Feb. 8th @ 7:00pm (MSG in NYC)  

The Lumineers
Thurs., Feb. 13th @ 7:00pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY)  
Fri., Feb. 14th @ 7:00pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY)  

Fri, Feb. 14th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 
Tues, Feb. 15th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 
Tues, Feb. 18th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 

Widespread Panic
Thurs., Feb. 27th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Fri., Feb 28th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Sat., Feb 29th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Sun., March 1st @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Mon., March 2nd @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)

?Celine Dion
Fri., Feb. 28th, 2020 @ 7:30pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY)
Sat., Feb. 29th, 2020 @ 7:30pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY)
Tues, March 3rd, 2020 @ 7:30pm (NYCB Live in Long Island) 
Sat., March 7th @ 7:30pm (Prudential Center in Newark, NJ)
Sun., March 8th @ 7:30pm (Prudential Center in Newark, NJ)

Billie Eilish
Sun, March 15th @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC) 
Mon., March 16th @ 7:30pm (Prudential Center in Newark, NJ)
Fri., March 20th @ 7:30pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY) 

Elton John
Mon, April 6th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 
Tues, April 7th @ 8:00pm (MSG in NYC) 
Fri., April 10th @ 8:00pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY)  
Sat., April 11th @ 8:00pm (Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY)  
Wed., April 15th @ 8:00pm (Prudential Center in Newark, NJ)
Fri, April 17th @ 8:00pm (NYCB Live in Long Island) 
Sat, April 18th @ 8:00pm (NYCB Live in Long Island) 

Ringo Starr
Tues., June 2nd @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Wed., June 3rd @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)
Fri., June 5th @ 8:00pm (Beacon Theatre in NYC)

Ozzy Osbourne
Mon, June 22nd @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC)  

Lauren Daigle w/ Johnnyswim
Thurs, June 25th @ 7:30pm (MSG in NYC)  


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